Students’ progression 

The EQF system allows institutions to establish partnerships with foreign institutions as well as student exchanges. It also helps promoting the individual mobility of students; EQF qualifications open gates to career advancement and higher education.


The EQF system aims at:

  • Encourage domestic and international mobility.
  • Improve the quality of exchanges between partners.
  • Facilitate academic recognition.
  • Facilitate the comparison of different education systems.
  • Ensure a transparent monitoring of students’ courses through a transcript of records.
  • Transfer results when part of the course is conducted in another institution.

QUALIFICATIONS: European comparison chart

Students Progressions

Route recognition:

  • Nevertheless, the automatic recognition of a degree by an institution can only take place if an agreement has been signed between the partner institutions.  
  • However, most universities around the world recognise E.C.T.S. credits without any specific agreement. The admission criteria and pre-requisites are specific to each institution.
  • A student’s personal file, their motivation, their mastery of the language of the country they wish to study in are all key elements in the admission process they choose to continue their studies in.