Why choose us

Since 1999 our team has been active in the music business and education field. Our focus is on excellence without compromise and enhancemente of local needs. The GLocal philosophy fits perfectly LPEB’s mission as we search for the best possible values produced by local educators; in other words “diversity versus flattening“. 

Our experience is now at service for all those schools, academies or learning centres with a strong vocational approach in music, performing arts, media production, dance, theatre, music business, technology and production, events management and journalism, and other fields commonly referred to as “school of the arts”.

Out team of professionals include educators as well as artists, industry pros, entrepeneurs and Quality procedures professionals and will work with you on improving your educational portforlio to the highest possible standards.




NO entry fees, NO royalties, your only requirement is QUALITY  



Personalised proposal

One on one service

Unique franchising products



Unique franchising opportunities

43 Qualifications

International exchange



Continuous updates

Business development

Team work



What is your current pricing structure?

Prices change depending on the service required. Centres could buy one or more of our franchising proposals as well as simply become an authorised LPEB centre to enter our Qualifications at no cost.

Do you work with small centres?

Absolutely. One of the main goals of our group is to join forces and allow smaller centres to access qualifications and awarding bodies that they couldn’t access on their own.

Do you work with all Countries?

Indeed we collaborate with all Countries. We started out in Europe but we are open to launch new international collaborations.

How long does it take to become a LPEB centre?

Time varies but it can be as quick as 48 hours if your centre has experience in Higher Education and has been structured for similar work. In any case we can approve your centre within 2 weeks.

Do you charge an entry fee to new centres?

No entry fee whatsoever. We only require a Quality audit to understand company and academic structure, staff, faculty, location and other important informations concerning your experience.

Do you offer other Qualifications?

Besides the Qualifications proposed on this website we can help you structure different Qualifications in your area of development. We already offer alternative courses such as Hospitality, Photography, English language and more.