dj-2512Disegned for students over 16 interested in obtaining a Qualification at Level 3 (EQF4).

Entry requirements: Grade 5 practical and theorical.

The Level 3 Extended Diploma is a secondary school leaving qualification and vocational qualification. The qualification is equivalent to A-Levels. It is regarded as equivalent in level to the GCE A Levels, more specifically to three A2 awards and the AVCE.

This qualification is taken in order to gain entry to Higher education. Nevertheless, as it is mostly coursework based, universities like Cambridge or Oxford may require it to be combined with more traditional qualifications, such as one A level.

The Level 3 Extended Diploma is particularly suitable for those who have strong inclinations towards a particular vocational career, starting with technical level posts and leading, after experience, to supervisory and enterprise management posts. The work placement element of the Level 3 Extended Diploma is particularly valued by universities considering admissions for these subjects.


  • Performance (vocals and all musical instruments)


  • Technology & DJ


  • Management and catering