MusicExamThese exams, quite similar to the well known “Grade Exams”, are designed for students interested in developing specific skills. A strong technical profile focused on musicianship and performance.

Many students who enter these exams have taken a course of music or dance lessons with a private tutor, although some are self-taught. Often this is a way for children to receive music training over and above what is provided at their usual place of learning, although private lessons are also popular with adults who turn to music or dance later in life.

Examinations are set in both theory and practical aspects. The theory examinations are taken by pupils of all instruments and typically cover areas such as musical notation, construction of scales and composition.

Each exam is EQF framed (EQF2, EQF3, EQF4 ed EQF5) and can be used to progress into a full Qualification.

Our Examinations don’t require an external examiner but are properly run by local schools according to Quality assurance procedures.



  • Performance (vocals and all musical instruments)
  • Theory
  • Technology & DJ


  • Dance (coming soon)
  • Theatre (coming soon)